In the 1970s, SBSG founder Don Reimer (above left) helped launch Detroit's first African-American owned pizza franchise (now Pizza Queen at Cobo Hall).

The Small Business Strategy Group helps small business grow.

We bring professional advice and counsel to entrepreneurs and their ventures. We focus on understanding and growing small businesses -- like yours.

Our professional consulting services include:

Exploratory Conference

If you are starting your own business (or growing an existing one), our Exploratory Conference can help. Through pre-planning and the development of a structured business outline, the Exploratory Conference will help determine your company's best opportunities for growth.

Management and Strategic Audit

If you already have an existing business, our Management & Strategic Audit is an invaluable, in-depth tool for future growth. We'll assess your company's current situation, including an analysis of your internal resources and capabilities. Plus, we'll identify external threats and opportunities. Ultimately, we'll produce a detailed document packed with findings and recommendations that provides your company with an effective action plan for the future.

Strategic Focus Workshop (SFW)

The Strategic Focus Work is the perfect way to introduce the critical skill of strategic thinking to your entrepreneurial venture. Thru an in-depth interactive session with key management of your business, we'll precisely craft your company's mission statement and vision. We'll also create a Project Advisory Team, discuss priorities and set long-term direction for your company.

Profit Planning & Control System (PPCS)

For a more in-depth immersion into the benefits of strategic thinking, SBSG has developed the Profit Planning & Control System™ -- a unique methodology that integrates the strategic thinking process into a growing business environment. Strategic thinking is critical to your company's success, and our PPCS process will bring a deep awareness and understanding of sound strategic thinking to your organization.

Introduce the critical skill of strategic thinking to your entrepreneurial venture.

Business Plans

Now more than ever, your company needs a real business plan. At SBSG, we'll help you create comprehensive business plan documentation that's custom tailored for your company -- including complete formatting, organization and structure of narrative. The SBSG business plan is a key ingredient in providing a “road map” to growing a profitable company. Plus, our approach is interactive at every step -- creating a living document designed for continous improvement.

Business Overview & Credential Documents

This popular service provides both the entreprenuer and the existing business owner with a tool to communicate ideas, concepts and requirements necessary to launch or expand their business venture. It is not a Business Plan, and it does not provide a road map. However, it will concisely capture your company's history, current situation and future potential. Our Business Overview & Credential Documents are often used by inventors and businesses to attract new resources and investors.

Organization Planning

A powerful and often overlooked tool, this service provides you with a comprehensive view of your organization and the relationships within your company. We'll assess human resources and key functional activities within the company. Based on our findings, we'll work with you to maximize your resources based on each individual's unique experience and capabilities. Organization Planning can produce increased employee involvement and understanding, with even greater committment from everyone involved.

Minority Business Development

SBSG has extensive experience working with African-Americans and other minority entrepreneurs. Our Minority Business Development service provides minority business owners with specialized coaching to meet their unique needs, including certification and special program funding. We'll help you identify private and governmental agencies and programs on the local, state and federal level (including Small Business Administration Guaranteed Lending for minority and non-minorities).

The Small Business Strategy Group offers many additional services, including banking relationship development, general management consulting, and management of excess growth.

We welcome the opportunity to put our practical experience to work for your firm. Please contact us to arrange for an in-depth consultation.

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