from Entrepreneur Magazine
Getting your small business off the ground
There are many mistakes small business owners make. But it's not always what you might think. According to Donald Reimer, president of The Small Business Strategy Group, "Rapid growth without planning can be devastating." [MORE]

from Oakland Business Review  March, 2008 | By Laura Blodgett
An Interview With: Don Reimer
Donald Reimer, Associate Director, Lear Entrepreneurial Center, Lawrence Technological University [MORE]

from Detroiter Magazine | By Chris Mead
The Birth of a Business
About John Ezzo and his Mount Clemens-based business which cleans more than 16 million square feet of office and commercial space in three states. [MORE]

from Detroiter Magazine | By Donald Reimer
Teaching tommorow's entrepreneurs
What makes someone decide to go into business for themselves? The truth is - independent business owners are made, not born. [MORE]

from Corporate Detroit | By Donald Reimer & Ravi Nayar
How to think strategically
Many owner/managers of small companies move in too many different directions at the same time. But a well-defined mission can give them much needed focus and purpose. [MORE]

from Expanding Small Business | By Donald Reimer & Ravi Nayar
Expansion: Is it the right time for your company?
Expansion should be the result of an overall corporate strategy - not a reactive move to solve a particular operating problem in the company. [MORE]

from Corporate Detroit | By Donald Reimer & Ravi Nayar
The benefits of inventory control
Computerization is the key to maintaining proper inventory levels. [MORE]

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